Chocolate Nut-Ola (grain free breakfast) - 400g

Introducing our highly sought-after Chocolate Nut-Ola breakfast option! Get ready to indulge in this decadent and satisfying morning treat. We are thrilled to offer you this delightful blend of crunchy nuts, seeds, and a rich chocolatey flavour that will satisfy your sweet cravings. For those not fasting, enjoy it with low-carb Greek yoghurt, cream, or almond milk for a truly indulgent experience. If you're following a fasting regimen, our Chocolate Nut-Ola makes a fantastic evening snack or a guilt-free dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Packed with wholesome ingredients and a delightful chocolate taste, our Chocolate Nut-Ola is the perfect way to kickstart your day or enjoy as a special treat during your fasting window. Experience the irresistible combination of flavours and nourishment with our Chocolate Nut-Ola today! 

Servings per pack: 8
Serving size: 50 g
Per Serving Per 100g
Energy 1223 kJ 2446 kJ
Calories 292 Cal 585 Cal
Protein 6.5 g 13.0 g
Fat, Total 27.0 g 54.0 g
- Saturated 9.3 g 18.5 g
Carbohydrate 4.3 g 8.6 g
- Sugars 1.8 g 3.5 g
Dietary Fibre 4.8 g 9.5 g
Sodium 73 mg 146 mg
Erythritol 4.7 g 9.5 g

Ingredients: Almond, Pecan, Coconut, Erythritol, Walnut, Coconut Oil, Dutched Cocoa, Sunflower Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Sea Salt, Stevia.

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