Keto on the Go: Your Guide to Traveling While Staying True to Keto or low carb

Keto on the Go: Your Guide to Traveling While Staying True to Keto or low carb

Traveling can be one of life's great pleasures, but for those of us following a ketogenic lifestyle, it can also pose unique challenges. How do you stick to a high-fat, low-carb diet when you're miles away from your kitchen and usual food sources? Fear not! With a little planning and some clever strategies, you can stay keto-compliant and enjoy your travels to the fullest. Let's embark on this journey together with some tips for keeping keto while on the go.

Plan Ahead: The Key to Keto Travel Success

1. Research Your Destination

Before you head out, spend some time researching your destination. Look for keto-friendly restaurants and grocery stores nearby. Many places now offer low-carb options, so check out menus online in advance.

2. Pack Keto-Friendly Snacks

Always have a stash of keto-friendly snacks handy. Nuts, seeds, low-carb bars, cheese, and olives are great for on-the-go snacking. They can be lifesavers during long flights or road trips when options are limited.

Eating Out: Navigating Restaurants and Fast Food

1. Customize Your Orders

Don't be shy about customizing your order. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate requests like swapping out fries for a salad or omitting the bun from a burger.

2. Look for Keto Staples

When in doubt, stick to keto staples. Grilled meats, fish, and salads (with oil-based dressings) are generally safe bets. Steer clear of sauces and dressings that could be hiding sugars or starches.

Accommodations: Making Smart Choices

1. Kitchen Access

If possible, choose accommodations with a kitchen or kitchenette. Being able to cook even some of your meals can make a huge difference in staying on track.

2. Grocery Shopping

Once you arrive, hit a local grocery store to stock up on essentials like eggs, avocados, deli meats, and fresh veggies. Even a mini-fridge can be a great asset.

Staying Hydrated and Electrolyte Balanced

1. Water is Your Best Friend

Always carry a water bottle. Staying hydrated is crucial, especially when you're out and about exploring.

2. Electrolyte Supplements

Consider bringing along some electrolyte supplements, especially if you're traveling to a hot climate or planning to be very active.

Exercise and Activity: Keeping Active on the Road

1. Incorporate Walking

Use sightseeing as an opportunity to get in some exercise. Walking is a great way to explore a new place and stay active.

2. Portable Workouts

Pack some resistance bands or download a no-equipment workout app. You can maintain your fitness regimen even in a hotel room.

Enjoy Local Delicacies Mindfully

1. Balance is Key

If you want to try a local dish that's not strictly keto, that's okay. The key is to enjoy such treats mindfully and in moderation.

2. Get Back on Track

Don't beat yourself up if you stray from your diet. Enjoy your experience and then get right back on track with your next meal.

Mental Prep: Embrace Flexibility

1. Be Kind to Yourself

Traveling is about experiencing new things, including food. It’s okay to be a bit more flexible with your diet when you're on vacation.

2. Plan for a Return to Routine

Once you're back home, have a plan to return to your strict keto routine. This way, any indulgences during your travels become part of the experience, not a setback.


Traveling while sticking to a ketogenic diet can be a delightful adventure with a bit of preparation and the right mindset. Embrace the experience, plan ahead, and remember that a small deviation doesn't mean a complete derailment of your dietary goals. Whether you're flying across the world or road-tripping close to home, these tips can help you stay committed to your keto lifestyle while enjoying every step of your journey. Happy travels!

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