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Please be sure to read the information below before you order any of our products.

Shipping & Delivery Information 🚚

Due to the perishable nature of our products, we have created a list of FAQs for you to read. Please email us if you have any other questions at all.

We now deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays. We used to also deliver on Wednesdays & Thursdays, but this has now changed.

For perishable items:

- All orders placed between Thursday 12:00am & Sunday 11:59pm, will be delivered on Tuesdays.

- Orders placed between Monday 12:00am and Wednesday 11:59pm will be delivered on Fridays.

Please note that if a delivery date falls on a holiday then we will ship your order on the next suitable day. Please contact us at if you need to change your delivery day for any reason and we will help.

We ship with NZ Post (Courier Post).

Currently we only deliver our non perishable items (non temperature sensitive items) to rural addresses. We don't offer rural delivery for our perishable items such as our ready made meals. Please click on the link below to find out if you are located at a rural address.


NZ Post typically delivers between 8am & 5pm. Please contact us if your order hasn't arrived so we can help :)

Yes we will notify you when the product is on its way to you by email or text. We will also confirm when the order has been delivered via email.

You can contact NZ Post with your tracking number if you want to talk to them directly on 0800 501 501. Below is a link to their contact details page.

For tracking, please CLICK HERE and enter your tracking number if you need to do so manually.

We send all of our products in a cardboard box with insulated paper liners to do our best to keep your products frozen. However if your meals arrived chilled (thawed but cold), then please put into the fridge and consume within 10 days. We gas flush our meals to ensure they have extra shelf life.

Due to the nature of our delivery planning & scheduling you must contact us directly at to cancel or change your subscription orders.

We need 3 days notice before we can cancel an order, due to the time it takes to pack and shipping our perishable items. Please refer to our first delivery FAQ to see when your order will be delivered. Eg. if your delivery was placed on a Monday then it would be scheduled to be delivered on the Wednesday each week, so this would need to be cancelled on the Sunday so we can stop it in our system. Please note, we ship order deliveries that fall on public holidays the next business day but you will need to cancel 3 days before the standard shceduled delivery day.

Yes you can! :)

Please contact us at and we can change both the items in your subscription and also the delivery day of your subscription. We can also cancel your order as per the previous FAQ.

Product Information 🥘

Below are some tips and answers to our commonly asked questions. Please let us know if you have any other questions at all.

We provide heating instructions on our labels. We highly recommend using an airfryer if you have one that fits the tray. Our trays are also perfect for reheating in the oven.

And yes... both our foil and plastic trays are fully microwaveable! 🥳 LEARN MORE

Our beef, lamb & chicken are sourced from local farms. Our Pork varieties come from local and overseas suppliers.

We recommend thawing overnight in your fridge for best results the following day. Depending on the temperature of your fridge, you may need to take out of the fridge and thaw for an hour or so prior to heating. Our meals will last in the fridge for 7 days once defrosted.

Store frozen if possible, once defrosted keep refrigerated and consume within 7 days. There is a best before date below the barcode which is based on the item remaining frozen until thawed.

We send all of our products in a cardboard box with insulated paper liners to make sure your product stays frozen. This packaging is fully curb side recyclable as are our aluminum trays, which make up the majority of our the packaging in our Keto Boxes! Did we mention our courier partner is carbon neutral!! :) LEARN MORE

Our trays are sealed with a small amount of soft plastics and you can now enroll in The Softplastics Recycling Scheme with New Zealand Post, which allows you to recycle ALL of your other softplastics too! ♻️

CLICK HERE to find out more and to join!

Yes they 100% are! Please view our info by CLICKING HERE.

Yes you can, so long as you are very careful about the quantity and carb/calorie content.

Some options for adding to your meals could include adding extra nuts, cheese or keto friendly veges & sides to boost your calories & protein should you need to. Another great option is to add konjac noodles or konjac spaghetti to increase the fiber and volume but with out the calories! Your keto your way! 👨‍🍳

Contact us

If you have any other delivery questions, please send them to us and we'll do our best to help! :)

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