Cauliflower Almond Rice

Cauliflower Almond Rice

One thing many of us miss while living a Ketogenic lifestyle is the taste and feel of rice. So with that in mind, we got busy in the kitchen and got cooking. Below is a simple 5-minute recipe for Ketogenic friendly rice.


All you will need is Cauliflower rice we use a pre-made signature range of snap-frozen Cauliflower rice, Almond meal, Salt, Pepper and Coconut Oil.


Add Coconut oil to a hot frying pan, add salt and pepper to season oil, add Cauliflower rice and stir while cooking for 4 minutes on low to medium heat. Once Cauliflower is cooked through add Almond meal and cook for 1 minute on low heat mixing the whole time. You will need one teaspoon of oil to reduce sticking to pan seasoning to taste before 


Once prepared  garnish  with your favourite topping. At The Keto Food Co our favourite on the go snack is Cauliflower Almond Rice topped with Avocado and Soy Sauce.


For a main meal one individual serving well feed two with a stir fry type meal.


100 grams Cauliflower Rice (Signature Ranger Countdown)
34 grams of Coconut oil  
15 grams of Almond Flour 
0.3 grams of Salt  equivalent to a pinch 

nutrional facts

Servings one 

Kilojoules 1761 Calories 420.8.     Total Fat 42 grams Saturated Fat 29 grams  Sodium 117mg Potassium 15 mg 

Carbohydrates 2 grams Dietary Fibre 1 gram

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