Keto Ricotta Pasta

Keto Ricotta Pasta

If you're missing your favourite Italian pasta dish but are living a ketogenic lifestyle, we have the perfect meal for you — This Keto Ricotta Pasta is going to fill that void and you won't believe how easy it is.


The Keto Food Co Riccota Pasta


1 scoop bone broth
2 Tbls Oregano 
130g Spinach 
3 cloves Fresh garlic 
1 Large Red onion 
120g  Mozzarella 
20g Ricotta 
200ml Cream, pouring 
5 medium sized. Button mushrooms 
2 Tbls Olive Oil 
2 leaves Basil decoration 
400g  Konjac Noodles 

Per serve  461cals Protein 15.6g Fat 42g Carbs 5.3g


Step 1
Add olive oil to a medium-sized saucepan and wait for the oil to heat up.

Step 2
While the pan is heating, chop your garlic and onion finely, add to the pan, and sear until golden brown. Then, add spinach, mushrooms, salt/pepper and oregano to the mixture and cook until leaves are wilted and mushrooms browned.

Step 3
Wash konjac noodles well in hot water and set aside till the sauce mixture is complete.

Step 4
Pour cream into the mixture, add bone broth and turn the down heat to a medium, and mix well until the cream thickens.  Then add the mozzarella.

Step 5
Keep mixing until mozzarella is melted and the mixture is thick and creamy, then add konjac and ricotta in, and continue to mix well until noodles have soaked in the thick sauce.

Step 6
Serve in a small bowl with fresh basil to top it off and if you are a cheese lover, grate over your favourite Parmesan cheese or add chilli flakes for a kick.

The Keto Food Co Ricotta


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