Creamy, delicious smoothies are not lost as some may think living a Keto Lifestyle. This creamy peanut smoothy from Pics Peanut Butter and The Keto Food Co will tantalise the taste buds and keep you coming back for more.
One thing many of us miss while living a Ketogenic lifestyle is the taste and feel of rice. So with that in mind, we got busy in the kitchen and got cooking.
If you love a good old fashioned lemonade then you're going to love this super simple recipe! 🍋
This recipe is so versatile, it can be easily customized to your personal taste. Love coriander? Throw some in… Feel free to play around with this one until you figure out your personal best version.
Creamy, garlicky, and flavorful! These mushrooms will have dinner guests asking you for the recipe! We won't tell if you don't!
Great for a little pre-dinner snack! This creamy dip has less than 170 calories and tastes superb with the addition of bacon bits and black olives.